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Search advertising is nothing new. In fact, it's very old. We've been doing it for several years on Google Ads, so if you're looking to increase online sales this is probably the best place to start. Bidding take place on a CPC (Cost Per Click) model, however we offer many flexible pricing options to best suit your goals.

Don't forget that PPC (Pay Per Click) auctions are very dynamic and can fluctuate significantly, even at an hourly level. We can develop an effective bidding strategy so that an optimum is reached between the cost of clicks and the number of relevant clicks you receive. Part of this process involves looking at competitor ads and seeing how to appear in more favourable positions without incurring huge costs.

As part of our service to you, we provide frequent performance reports so that we can agree on best actions to carry forward into the following weeks and months. In addition, if you do not already have web analytics tools such as Google Analytics set up, we will install this for you as well as implementation of optimisation features such as conversion tracking.

Account Reviews

Would you like some free advice on how to improve your advertising campaigns? You'll get a comprehensive audit and proposal at no cost or obligation. We'll help you identify areas of inefficiency, provide information on best practices, and also suggest actions to maximise your return on investment. It's entirely free!

Job Opportunities

We don't have any vacancies at the moment, but we would still like to hear from talented individuals. Please send over your details and we'll let you know if anything suitable comes up. We are continuing to grow as a company, so expect to hear back from us very soon.


Managing Director, Phones Website

"Nutpog's ability to quickly and efficiently set up and operate complex ad campaigns is very impressive. Absolutely outstanding work. Hugely impressed with them going the extra mile."


Account Director, SEO Company

"Nutpog is always a pleasure to work with, responding quickly to our questions and requests for information. Thank you for the work that you are doing for us. We really appreciate it."